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Michigan City Parks & Recreation Department

A Citizen & Visitor’s Guide

Beach Rules & Regulations


A new flag system is being instituted at Washington Park. If results are 235 mg/l or below, a green flag will wave indicating that the water quality results from the previous days' sample is satisfactory. If the results are 236 mg/l to 999 mg/l, a yellow advisory swim with caution flag will be raised. If sample results are over 1000 mg/l, a reg flag will be raised indicating the beach waters are closed. This system is a result of several years of data indicating that E.coli can sustain and replicate itself in our environment causing severe fluctuations with our water quality indicator (E.coli). Remember E.coli itself is not harmful but can be in the presence of other pathogens.


  1. Patrons will comply with all rules and lifeguard instructions or be subject to removal or arrest
  2. Green flag signifies safe lake conditions - swimming allowed
  3. Yellow flag signifies a beach advisory - swimming allowed with caution
  4. Red flag signifies unsafe lake conditions - swimming prohibited
  5. All children 12 years of age or younger must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult guardian
  6. No alcoholic beverages within 50 feet of roadways or parking areas
  7. Absolutely no glass containers
  8. No watercraft, loading/unloading of passengers in or beyond designated swim area
  9. The use of inflatable objects may be restricted
  10. No activities allowed which present danger or risk to beach patrons
  11. No unauthorized vehicles on beach
  12. No animals or pets allowed
  13. No overnight parking or camping
  14. No fires allowed - grills permitted in designated areas only
  15. No littering - please use proper refuse receptacles
  16. Park closes at 10:00 p.m. daily
  17. Picnic shelters available through reservations and park office 873-1506
  18. No motorized vehicles except in designated parking areas
  19. No metal detectors on grass
  20. Noise ordinance enforced
  21. No skateboards except in designated areas
  22. Read and obey all signs
  23. Only swim at beaches protected by a lifeguard - never swim alone
  24. Check with lifeguards for dangerous conditions
  25. Rip Currents can kill - learn what to do if you get caught in one
  26. Do not overestimate your swimming abilities or take changes in rough waters
  27. Alcohol and swimming do not mix - please swim sober
  28. Never leave a child alone in Washington Park or on the beach
  29. Always utilize sunscreen and eye protection
  30. Drink plenty of fluids
  31. Please advise lifeguards of any medical conditions that may affect your visit to the beach
  32. Please see lifeguards for complete list of beach rules